About Us

Matilde Asensi Carratalá (born 1962) is a Spanish journalist and writer, specializing mainly in historical novels. 

She studied journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and she later worked for three years in the service news of Radio Alicante-SER and Radio Nacional de España (RNE, Spanish National Radio) as the person in charge of local and provincial news. She was also a correspondent for Agencia EFE and a provincial contributor in the newspapers La Verdad and Información.

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This site is named after Matilde Asensi, who is the founder and also a journalist and writer herself based in Spain. Her outstanding writing capabilities have inspired her to set up a website that provides useful content related to numerous topics to reach a wider audience. Matilde Asensi has written many novels and articles throughout her career, mainly in the historical field. She also has a Wikipedia page where you can find more information regarding her works.