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We are intensifying our preparations for the biggest shopping event of the year as Black Friday %year% draws near. Although Black Friday offers start to appear earlier each year, we want to make sure you don't miss out on any deals in the upcoming weeks even though the big day itself isn't until November 25.

This is where our Black Friday 2022 guide comes in. In order for you to take full advantage of the event during this period of rising inflation and cost-of-living pressure, it includes all the essential information you require, an analysis of last year's sales, some forecasts for this year's offers, and our best shopping tips.

More of our predictions for this year's sale are included below, along with information on how to find the greatest Black Friday prices, the top retailers to watch, and a look back at the best deals from the previous year. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can use it as your go-to resource for Black Friday 2022 as we continue to update it with all the most recent information in the coming months.


Black Friday: What is it?

Black Friday originated on the other side of the Atlantic but has significantly grown in recent years to become a global and UK retail sensation. The holiday shopping season officially begins on this day, which is considered to be the busiest of the year for both in-store and online purchasing (and is supported by statistics).

In 2022, when will Black Friday be?

It's November 25 in 2022, which is Black Friday. It is always the Friday following Thanksgiving, even though the precise day varies.

Due to worries about shipping delays and supply problems, companies at the last event began their Black Friday sales earlier than ever. While we cannot predict with certainty what will take place during this year's sale, we do believe that the practice of merchants giving early Black Friday offers will continue.

Why is Black Friday so named?

For a brief history lesson on the origins of the term "Black Friday," go here. In November 1951, the journal Factory Management and Maintenance(opens in new tab) used it to describe people who called in sick the day following Thanksgiving in order to have an additional day off from work.

At the same time, US authorities were referring to the horrible traffic that occurred at the start of the pre-Christmas shopping season as "Black Friday" and "Black Saturday."

Big Friday and Big Saturday were proposed by the municipal administration in 1961, but they were never adopted. The idea that it was the period when retailers "went back into the black" was seen much later and was obviously an effort to improve the connotation of the phrase.

Sale Predictions

Based on the selling event of the previous year, we can estimate what Black Friday 2022 will bring. We saw stores like Best Buy and Walmart launch Black Friday deals earlier than ever, with Amazon kicking things off in early October, due to worries about shipping delays and supply shortages.

Normally, merchants save their best offers for Black Friday itself, but last year, the best offers appeared beforehand. This could be the reason why Thanksgiving Day spending remained unchanged while Black Friday spending fell 1.3% from the previous year, according to Adobe Analytics(opens in new tab). Consumer spending increased significantly (11.9%) in November alone to $109.8 billion. This is consistent with the early sales trend, which encouraged customers to buy products sooner rather than waiting until Black Friday to score a deal online.

How will this affect Black Friday in 2022? Everything hinges on whether or not shops experience the same shipping and stock supply problems that hampered last year's sale. There are few signs that this might happen again, but we still anticipate the prior sales trend to continue.

We can make predictions about the brands and products we'll see next November even if it's too early to tell exactly what kind of offers we'll see on Black Friday 2022. The most popular items at last year's Black Friday sale, according to Adobe(opens in new tab), included AirPods, the Apple Watch, laptops, TVs, consoles, and toys from companies like Hot Wheels, Paw Patrol, and Nerf. The Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, and smart bulbs were among Amazon's top Black Friday sellers, along with some unusual products like the Colorfulkoala yoga leggings and the Revlon one-step hair dryer.

Given that there have been a lot of new product introductions in the past 12 months, such as new Apple products, TVs, and laptops, anticipate that older versions will experience some of the biggest price decreases this year. There's a remote possibility that some of the more recent products will also be discounted, but it's unlikely that these sales will be as frequent or significant as those for last-generation models. 

Our Top Buying Tips

Have you had your eye on a new vacuum? Airfryer? TV for Christmas movie marathons? Here are the finest advice for finding the best bargains, though!

  • Advance research: Prior to the big day, saving time and effort by doing some research on the products you plan to purchase is essential. For an unbiased recommendation, don't forget to read the reviews and expert roundups.

  • Sign up for an interest: To keep informed and receive the most recent information on what they will be giving for Black Friday, subscribe to the newsletters of individual retailers. In the weeks leading up to and throughout the shopping extravaganza, the majority of shops will routinely update customers on all the great specials and the most recent discounts on thousands of products.

  • Bookmark pages of the products you desire in advance, so you won't have to spend time reading through thousands of options when the clock strikes midnight.

  • Online early: Last year's internet demand was unparalleled, and we anticipate that it will be the same this year. If you want to get the best prices, staying up late is worthwhile.

  • To maximize your savings, compare costs at various retailers and look for choices that include free delivery. By doing this, you can ensure that you receive the finest deals on all of your desired goods.

  • Register for Amazon Prime: You must sign up as a Prime Member if you want exclusive access and to browse Amazon's Black Friday offer first. You will then have 30 minutes of access to Lightning Deals, which are popular items with limited-time discounts.

  • No membership? Do not worry; you can sign up and take advantage of a 30-day trial for nothing! When is the ideal time to join Prime? Immediately before Black Friday begins or at the beginning of November. In addition, if you decide that you do not want to take advantage of Amazon Prime's advantages, you can always cancel the trial after the fact.


Our key conclusion is that Black Friday is no longer the flash sale it once was. Thanks to promotions initiated by retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart as they also attempted to battle delivery delays and supply concerns, last year's Black Friday deals went live sooner than before. Even without the same supply problems, we anticipate something similar on Black Friday 2022, so keep an eye out for many of the biggest discounts to appear as early as late October.

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