What to Do When Your Amazon Package Is Not Delivered

Everything you need to know in order to safeguard your amazon items from theft and bad occurrences, from refund, and claims to track services.

Billions of shipments are delivered by Amazon each year. However, due to the high volume of orders, Prime members and others may occasionally experience delivery delays or packages that go missing from Amazon. One misplaced shipment can feel like a mystery deserving of a podcast since Amazon packages can be tracked within minutes of delivery in many places. Do you have an Amazon shipment that went missing? Check out our advice on what to do if your Amazon package is not delivered before you start panicking 

Make use of Amazon Package Tracking Services

To track items, sign into your account on Amazon, then click on "Returns & Orders," and select the option for "Track package". The dates for purchase and shipping will be visible to you, along with the time when the items were shipped out for delivery and their arrival information.

Specifications on where the package was placed: for instance, or “in the resident’s mailbox” or “by the front door”. However, note that this step may depend on the delivery man taking notes of those details. So not every package can have this important information. 

Seeking something more solid? Amazon Map Tracking is a feature that enables you to watch the real-time progress of packages shipped by Amazon.

On the delivery day, click "Track package" from your account on Amazon, a confirmation email for shipment, or the notification on the app of Amazon. The number of stops the driver still needs to make before delivering your package to your door is then shown. To preserve the recipient's privacy, gift orders or wish list do not allow for map tracking.

Additional useful shipping service is Amazon Photo on Delivery. When a parcel is left unattended, it will email you a photo to indicate that the delivery has been done. You can choose not to allow Amazon to take pictures of your property by getting in touch with customer support.

Once the parcels have been shipped, the majority of Amazon orders can be tracked. Most Amazon orders are trackable once the packages have shipped. Once the products have shipped, the majority of Amazon orders can be tracked. Standard international deliveries and probably a few products sold by Amazon Marketplace merchants should be the only true exemptions.

Contacting Amazon Regarding a Missing Package 

Don't freak out if your Amazon item says it was delivered but you can't locate it! Make sure your provided address is correct, then check the garage or porch, and see if one of your neighbors has received your order on your behalf of you, according to Amazon's advice.

Occasionally, Amazon shipments can appear as delivered for a maximum of 48 hours before their actual arrival date. Wait to see whether your order arrives if you're still in that window; it might still be on its way. 

Should your Amazon order still not arrive after 48 hours, contact either Amazon about the missing shipment or the third-party retailer or shipper. Refer to your tracking information regarding the number you should contact.  

If either Amazon’s or the carrier’s facility received your package, call Amazon along with the complaint regarding delivery problems. If the shipment did not arrive at either of those facilities, call the third-party seller. No matter which method you choose, you should have the order code on hand.

If you need help from Amazon, start by visiting the "Customer Service" page. Choose the type of problem you're having, the affected order, the fact that the order claims it was delivered but actually wasn't, and the fact that you need more assistance. To communicate with a bot, click "Start chatting now," or to get a call from a support representative, click "Request call now." If you choose the latter, you will be required to provide your phone number and click "Call me immediately" in order to speak with a professional about your Amazon delivery issues over the phone.

You should visit your orders and choose the vendor if a third-party seller was in charge of the order. When you do, Amazon's Seller Messaging Assistant service will probably appear when you click the "Ask a question" button. Select "An order I have placed" under the question about what you need help with.

You will be guided by the computer through the procedures to fix your problem. Please take note that before contacting Amazon to report a missing package, a seller has 48 hours to reply.

When you buy things from third-party sellers, you can be qualified for a refund request under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee of protection in the following situations:

  • The most recent predicted delivery date has passed after three days.

  • Although Amazon's tracking indicates that it was delivered, no shipment has been received.

  • You've returned it according to Amazon's return procedures, or the order is different from what you expected.

While there’s no data in association with missing Amazon shipments, most packages are delivered to customers without any problems, according to Amanda Ip from Amazon PR.  

What to do when your Amazon package arrives late? 

You can be qualified for an Amazon package refund if there was no guaranteed delivery date provided on the checkout page.  Make sure the conditions for the return are met first, including mailing to an acceptable address using an acceptable shipping method. Then, report the delayed delivery on the contact page.

Although Amazon Prime members used to get a free month of Prime for a delayed Amazon delivery, that policy has been modified. When a purchase is delivered late, Amazon will now refund the shipping costs, and Prime members may also be eligible for other benefits such as a 20% discount or promotional credits worth $5 to $20.

What if your Amazon parcel was stolen? 

A study by C+R Research found that 23% of Americans have admitted to having a parcel stolen. Contact Amazon immediately to request for a refund or to have the items sent again if you think your Amazon delivery was stolen. Especially,  if you have security camera footage that authorities can watch, you should notify the Amazon package theft to the police.

How to prevent a repetition of Amazon package theft? 

If an Amazon package was taken from your porch by a thief, you can take action to stop alleged "porch pirates" from attacking again. For instance, you can use  the Amazon Hub Counters or Lockers, which are present in numerous cities. Find one by ZIP code, add its address to your Amazon address book, and then choose that shipping option upon checkout.  You should bring your delivery confirmation email with you when picking up the product since it was sent to that location.

Currently, Amazon offers Key by Amazon to Prime members in 50 cities and adjacent areas. This service offers keyless entry for in-home deliveries and visitors.

The smart lock and camera that are Key-compatible must be purchased separately, however Prime members are not charged the extra for in-home installation. The webcam enables you to watch who enters your home and delivers your parcels.  Additionally, it can be used to accept visitors, housekeepers, and petsitters. Due to the pandemic, in-home deliveries have been put on hold indefinitely; Amazon proposes In-Garage Delivery for delivery with no contact as an alternative.

Customers can monitor and manage their garage doors using the Key app thanks to Key for Garage. Additionally, if they possess a suitable myQ-connected center or garage door opener, Amazon Prime subscribers in some areas may receive deliveries to their garages.

Additionally, Amazon has developed Key for Gate, which enables consumers to receive their items inside of their gates. According to Amazon, "it's perfect for modest apartment buildings with multiple units and single family homes that have electric garden and driveway doors or gates that can be activated by relay," To set it up, you'll need the Key by Amazon app and Ring Access Controller Pro 2 hardware.

Some people have made the proactive decision to discipline porch thieves. Videos from various sources explain how to make a fake parcel with a sparkle "bomb" inside. Even further upping the ante, an ex-NASA engineer included "police sounds" and "smelly skunk fart spray" in his trap.

You can occasionally trust in karma when it comes to package theft, of course. When a Florida lady stole a shipment carrying 500 worms for a bearded dragon pet, she received a squirmy surprise. The lizard had his treats back since she returned the package.

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